Professional Subscription

Add more service and greater value to what your offer as a professional mobility specialist, realtor, or veterinarian. Concentrate on what you do best and we will enhance your knowledge base by providing the most up to date information on pet travel, moving, and all the intricacies involved when moving a pet. Each one of your clients with a pet family member will be given access to download a Getting Paws Places travel eBook that contains all the relevant information necessary for planning a safe and successful transition when relocating one’s pet by either air or ground transportation. In addition, we provide a personalized logistics plan with suggestions for airlines, the best routing, and a contact for customs’ clearance in the destination country. We are here to answer any of your questions or your client’s questions daily via email.

We offer a monthly subscription plan:

Basic – $15.00 – that is per client and includes access to the eBook and a welcome email with an overview to the FAQ to pet travel and checklist.

Team – $85.oo per office which includes email support to answer your questions or client’s questions, pet travel logistic suggestions, checklist, helpful links, and custom travel tips for a client’s individual pet’s needs and breed.